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31 Oct 2016 | Politics

Saraí González is getting out the Latino vote…

The 11-year-old Latina, the star of Bomba Estéreo‘s empowering “Soy Yo” music video, appears in a new campaign aimed at getting out the vote.

Saraí González

“Be you and vote” is the powerful message behind a González’s campaign.

González appears the oversized glasses, quirky dance moves and extreme confidence that she demonstrated in the “Soy Yo” video, all to urge Latino voters to get out and vote in the upcoming presidential election Nov. 8.

“I was excited to do this video because this election is so important. I’ve had enough of Donald Trump,” González said in a statement. “He’s unkind and he’s dishonest. Even all the kids in my school know how racist he is and that he can’t be president. He would make America much worse, not better. That’s why everyone needs to vote.”

The “Get Out the Vote” campaign is paid for by the liberal group People for the American Way, urging eligible Latino voters to make their vote count.

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