Acosta Named Sr. White House Correspondent at CNN

Jim Acosta is headed to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue…

The 42-year-old Cuban-American journalist, who emerged as one of the noteworthy reporters on the campaign trail in 2008 and 2012, has been promoted to Sr. White House correspondent at CNN.

Jim Acosta

During his six-and-half years with the cable news network, Acosta managed to work his way up to national political correspondent and served as the network’s lead reporter on the 2012 Mitt Romney presidential campaign.

In addition to breaking big stories during the election season, Acosta also covered important stories on policy and culture for CNN and its digital platforms.

In 2009, when the administration lifted some of the restrictions on American travel to Cuba, Acosta reported from Havana, Cuba, on the effects of the policy change and on the post-Cold War relationship of the U.S. and Cuba.

During his new role as Sr. White House correspondent, Acosta will continue to serve as a substitute anchor for the network.

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