Aguilera Releases New Single, “Blank Page”

Christina Aguilera isn’t leaving a single (blank) page unturned with her latest single…

The 31-year-old half-Ecuadorian American singer has released the second track off her soon-to-be-released album, Lotus.

Christina Aguilera

Entitled “Blank Page,” the power ballad features the Grammy-winning singer giving an emotion-packed vocal delivery.

“I was scared, I was unprepared, for the things you say,” she sings. “If I could undo, that I hurt you, I would do anything for us to make it through. Draw me a smile and save me tonight. I am a blank page waiting for you to bring me to life.”

Aguilera, backed only by a piano, gives a powerful-yeat-subtle and oh-so-heartfelt performance on the track.

“[It’s] a beautiful, vulnerable, amazing ballad that reminds me of the emotional vulnerability yet empowerment feeling that you get from listening to say a ‘Beautiful’ from previous records,” she told editorial director Bill Werde.

One of the more effective moments in the ballad comes when Aguilera lowers her booming voice to a delicate almost-whisper, proposing to her victim: “Let our hearts stop and beat as one together; Let out hearts stop and beat as one forever.”

The singer leaked the song herself this weekend via her Twitter account. And she’s ready to share the entire album with the world.

“I wrote and recorded a lot on this record that was made to hopefully inspire the next generation of vocalists,” she said. “My experience as a coach on The Voice has really helped me dig deeper to find new inspiration because I almost feel like it’s my responsibility to uphold a certain vocal standard.”

Lotus hits stores and goes digital on Nov. 13.

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