Alex Cuba Partners with Lila Downs for New Single “Mundo Nuevo”

It’s a new world for Alex Cuba

The 47-year-old Canadian-Cuban singer-songwriter has joined voices with 52-year-old Mexican singer-songwriter Lila Downs, a fellow Latin Grammy winner, to release the single “Mundo Nuevo.” 

Lila Downs x Alex Cuba

The unique pairing of Latin cultural troubadours infuses distinctive rhythms from the cultures of their heritage, with contemporary folk styles that also embrace rock, pop, soul and more.

The profound and spiritual Son Jarocho-infused track finds Cuba and Downs reflecting on the simple things in life.

Born during the ongoing pandemic, the track injects a sense of hope into anyone who listens to it. “Something sad and something good always comes from anything bad,” Downs sings.

“[The track] sets you free from loss to find solace in a new world,” Cuba has said about “Mundo Nuevo.” “The song came to me quickly, as if it was a message to an answered prayer. I started working on music and suddenly Lila’s voice crossed my mind. I reached out to her immediately, and it was a natural creative fit.”


“Mundo Nuevo” is the first single from Cuba’s forthcoming album Mendó.

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