Almodovar’s Next Project “Silencio” is “A Return to the Cinema of Women”

Pedro Almodovar is ready for a little silencio…

The 65-year-old Spanish filmmaker, who earned France’s Prix Lumiere in October for his lifetime of filmmaking achievements, has told Financial Times that his next project will be a film called Silencio.

Pedro Almodovar

“It’s a return to the cinema of women,” he said of the film, “of great female protagonists, and it’s a hard-hitting drama, which excites me.”

Almodovar, whose last film was 2013’s I’m So Excited, revealed that the Silencio script has been completed, with the film set to begin shooting in April.

He said that the film is currently casting but that the parts don’t quite fit for the actors with whom he typically works.

“It’s called Silencio because that’s the principal element that drives the worst things that happen to the main female protagonist,” he continued.

Almodovar won the best foreign-language film Oscar for 1999’s All About My Mother and the original screenplay Oscar for 2002’s Talk to Her.

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