Alonso Named Honorary Ambassador for “Brand Spain”

Fernando Alonso is representing his native land in a big way…

The 31-year-old Spanish Formula One race car driver and a two-time World Champion has been named an honorary ambassador for “Brand Spain” by the Leading Brands of Spain Forum.

Fernando Alonso

The award is aimed at publicly recognizing people, businesses and institutions that have contributed greatly during their professional careers to strengthening the international image of the Iberian nation.

Alonso was selected in the Sports category for being one of the Spanish athletes enjoying “great success and international projection, admired and respected throughout the world.”

But Alonso isn’t the only Spanish luminary named an honorary ambassador…

Antonio Banderas was honored in the Culture and Communication category for being one of the country’s “best-known and admired” artists internationally, having built up an impressive resume of film projects in Hollywood.

Also selected for their work in strengthening Spain’s image abroad were businessman Isak Andic, the founder and main stockholder of the Mango fashion retailer group, economist Pedro Nueno, chef Jose Andres, cancer researcher Dr. Maria Blasco and the National Transplant Organization.

The judging panel headed by Antonio Abril, the general secretary of the Inditex textile group, included Carlos Espinosa de los Monteros, the Government High Commissioner for Brand Spain.

This is the first time that this recognition has been bestowed since the creation of the post of high commissioner. The high commissioner backed the initiative to develop the Leading Brands of Spain Forum, which includes more than 100 companies and several government ministers.

Other personalities who have been selected in the past to be honorary ambassadors include Rafael Nadal, Placido Domingo, Javier Solana and Pau Gasol.

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