Ana Tijoux Releases Political Track “Pa’Que,” Featuring PJ Sin Suela

Ana Tijoux is getting political…

The 43-year-old Chilean singer has released the single “Pa’Que,” featuring PJ Sin Suela.

Ana Tijoux

The track delivers a strong jolt to police and politicians as Tijoux questions the deficiencies in her home country, Chile, where confinement has set the country on an unorthodox course. 

The new single is a preview of Antifa Dance, her first album in six years, and features the lithe vocals of the Puerto Rican rapper, who brings his Caribbean wit. The song strongly points out police brutality and the corruptionof politicians.

The pair dabbles with cumbia, fiddles with words, and turns social discontent into a bash as the song takes a sudden tonal shift, speeding up into merengue party, and brings a note of levity to crucial matters, all while convincing listeners to pay attention. 

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