Andrés Baiz to Direct the Thriller “Panopticon”

Andrés Baiz has a new project in the works…

The 45-year-old Colombian film director and screenwriter, a director on Netflix’s Narcos and Narcos: Mexico, will helm Scott Free and AGC’s thriller Panopticon, based on the Black Listscript by Emily Jerome.

Andrés Baiz

The film, according to the official synopsis, will follow “rising hedge fund manager Chase who hears about a little known financial gold mine called PCC Correctional, an Arizona based private prison system that racks up huge profits. She decides to go all in to advance her career but it soon becomes clear that it’s a bad bet in every way except return on investment. On a tour of the prison she realizes that the inmates are running the show. Chase starts a dangerous game as she tries to fix things in order to save the jackpot she’s reaping for herself and her firm.”

Production is slated to begin in fall 2020, and active casting is ongoing.

Baiz’s previous film credits include RoaThe Hidden Face and Sin Amparo.

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