Anthony Opens Maestro Cares Foundation School & Orphanage in Colombia

Marc Anthony is helping the children of Colombia…

The 46-year-old Puerto Rican singer inaugurated the Victor Tamayo Orphanage in Barranquilla, Colombia, which will initially benefit 100 poor children, according to city officials.

Marc Anthony
“You have no idea how moved I am to share this moment with you. This dream began years ago at an orphanage in the Dominican Republic – that day I committed myself and I’m so happy to be able to help,” the singer said during the inauguration ceremony of the shelter.

Anthony said the institution “will give these kids the chance to lead a decent life.”

For her part, Barranquilla Mayor Elsa Noguera noted the choice of her city for developing this project, and thanked the Grammy-winning singer for his support.

“We thank Marc Anthony and everyone who contributed to making this project a reality, because of their concern for children that for some reason lack the care they need, and can now live in these beautiful facilities,” Noguera said.

At the same ceremony, the mayor decreed the title of “Illustrious Son” for Marc Anthony and awarded him the City of Barranquilla Gold Medal.

At the orphanage, which began construction on Aug. 14, 2014, children will be provided with a home, education, food and recreation.

The home is a project of the Maestro Cares Foundation created in 2012 by Anthony and entrepreneur Henry Cardenas to improve the quality of life for needy young orphans in Latin America.

The orphanage has 16,700 sq. meters (180,000 sq. feet) of property with buildings covering 3,600 sq. meters (39,000 sq. feet), and fields and courts for sports and children’s games measuring 2,200 sq. meters (24,000 sq. feet), as well as 3,000 sq. meters (32,000 sq. feet) of green areas.

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