Archuleta’s “No Matter How Far” Album to be Released March 26

David Archuleta may be serving his Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints on a two-year mission in Chile… But he’s giving fans new music to hold them over until his return.

Even though the 22-year-old Honduran/Spanish American singer and former American Idol runner-up isn’t expected to return until spring 2014, 10 Archuleta tracks have been collected for a new album, which fans can stream on Billboard.

David Archuleta

Before heading on his Mormon mission, Archuleta recorded several songs that were never placed on an official album — some unfinished demos, others hard-to-find cuts that had only been shared on international releases.

Due to his dedicated fans, many of the tracks were shared online, catching the eye of the label Entertainment One, which decided to compile them into a proper album: No Matter How Far.

The album’s lead single, the sentimental ballad “Don’t Run Away,” is one of two selections (along with “Heart Falls Out“) that hasn’t been released before in any format.

With help from British producers The Nexus (David Sneddon and James Bauer-Mein), the incomplete demo was polished into one of Archuleta’s finest moments.

No Matter How Far, the follow-up to Archuleta’s Begin. album, can be pre-ordered on iTunes here. It will be released officially on Tuesday, March 26.

3 thoughts on “Archuleta’s “No Matter How Far” Album to be Released March 26

  1. Thanks for the article about David’s album! It’s a wonderful group of songs recorded from 2010-2012. Many were previously released in Asia by Sony and David has performed some of them in Asia. My favorites are Nothing Else Better to Do, Heart Falls Out, Everything and More, Notice Me and Forevermore. The album is also available on iTunes and for the CD preorders are available many places including WOWHD which ships to a lot of countries free. It’s hard to wait so long for David but he left us so much beautiful music to keep us company. BTW if anyone is on twitter he is DavidArchie (manager tweets while he’s away).

  2. I’m so excited for NMHF album. David has some great songs on there with his beautiful vocals. DON’T RUN AWAY, HEARTS FALL OUT, NOTHING ELSE BETTER TO DO, plus 3 beautiful OPM songs that he recorded in the Phillippines. premiers 3/26. Look ut for it. Thank you David!

  3. I’m a forever fan of David Archuleta and I’m proud of it! Already pre ordered his new album “No Matter How Far” that will be out in 2 days 🙂 3/26/13 yay!!! Will be here when he comes back from his mission in 2014 and I know all ARCHIES are.

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