Ashanti Releases Video for Her New Single “Never Should Have”

She may be pursuing acting projects, but Ashanti hasn’t forgotten her musical roots…

The 32-year-old part-Dominican American  singer/actress, who will be starring in the upcoming season of Lifetime’s Army Wives, has released the official music video for her recently-released single “Never Should Have.”


The single, which serves as her comeback track, is the third single to be released off Ashanti’s fifth studio album “Braveheart,” her first album in five years, which will be released on June 11.

The Grammy Award-winning singer shows her deeper side in the new four-minute Sanji Senaka-directed clip, demonstrating some raw emotion as she sings from several beautiful scenic spots cinematically shot and interspersed with scenes of a gay couple and an interracial couple.

Ashanti has been releasing her new singles under her own label, Written Entertainment, which also carried her fourth album The Declaration. The move from her previous label, major record company Murder, Inc. Records, is something to even the playing ground, since she felt the major labels were “bossed up.”

“It’s homemade, it’s homegrown. It’s a lesser engine. So the metaphor I was using was being brave and putting your blood and guts into it and fighting passionately to win,” Ashanti said about her new record.

Ashanti was inspired to name her new album after Mel Gibson‘s 1995 film Braveheart after its underdog mentality and raw passion.

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