Banderas Speaks Out Against Child Sexual Exploitation

Antonio Banderas is speaking out against child sexual exploitation… And, he wants you to get involved.

The 51-year-old Spanish actor—who has received a Goya Award nomination for his starring role in The Skin I Live In—wants everyone needs to join the fight against child sexual exploitation, something that, he says, affects not only underdeveloped nations but everyone.

Antonio Banderas

“We have to take this very seriously and root it out,” said Banderas during a recent promotional trip to Cancun Mexico.

Banderas made the plea during the presentation of the book “Libro de Sueños,” prepared by UNICEF and the hotel chain Iberostar Group to make parents and their children understand the dangers and degradation of child sexual exploitation.

“Many of us associate the scourge with a single country, I’m not going to say which one but it’s in all our minds, an Asian country, but when we do that we’re making a little exercise in hypocrisy because we know that basically that is going on in many countries, including some that are totally developed,” he said.

Banderas seemed to be referring to Thailand, where child sexual exploitation is a prevailing problem.

“Libro de Sueños,” found in every room of the hotel chain, with versions in Spanish, English and German.

The story by Zaragoza writer Begoña Oro, author of books for children and teens, contains 16 pages of illustrations and interactive texts.

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