Banegas Earns International Emmy Award…

Cristina Banegas has picked up her first International Emmy

The 66-year-old Argentine actress won the Best Performance by an Actress award at the 40th International Emmy Awards from the International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences

Cristina Banegas

Banegas earned the award for her role as the mother a girl with Down Syndrome in the episode entitled “Sin Cobertura” of the Argentine series Televisión x la inclusión. Banegas’ character Paula is the mother of Fernanda, who is in urgent need of heart surgery. The health insurance company that covered the procedure has now merged with Argenlife, and the authorization for treatment has been denied. Paula fights to save her daughter’s life, aided only by her own perseverance.

Meanwhile, Darío Grandinetti picked up the Best Performance by an Actor award for his work in a different episode of the same series.

The 53-year-old Argentine actor won the International Emmy for his portray of a taxi driver to whom life has not been kind. He’s divorced and lives in a humble house. When he finds out that his new neighbors are from Peru, his hatred towards Peruvians triggers a war against the neighbors which doesn’t stop until they move out of their home.

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