Bratt Returning to “Modern Family” as Sofia Vergara’s Ex

If you’ve missed Benjamin Bratt on television since the series finale of Private Practice in January, then you’re in luck.

The 49-year-old half-Peruvian American actor will be reprising his role as Sofia Vergara’s on-screen ex-husband Javier Delgado on Modern Family.

Benjamin Bratt on Modern Family

Bratt, who first appeared on January 6, 2010 during the ABC sitcom’s first season, will be back on Wednesday, April 10. And he’ll be bringing along his new woman, portrayed by Criminal MindsPaget Brewster.

Brewster plays Trish, who is basically Gloria’s opposite: book smart and sophisticated.

“Different from Javier’s usual assortment of bimbos and airheads, Trish is highly ­intelligent and confident,” says executive producer Jeffrey Richman, who co-wrote the episode. “This brings up new and unexpected feelings for ­Gloria, which come out in a fiercely competitive game of Charades.”

Bratt recently starred opposite Dwayne Johnson in the film Snitch.

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