C. Tangana Releases New Single “Yate”

C. Tangana is livin’ large…

The 31-year-old Spanish rapper/songwriter, whose real name is Antón Álvarez Alfaro, has released a catchy new single “Yate.”

C. Tangana

Tangana’s new single, which follows the release of his El Madrileño album, is an invitation to enjoy life, go far away and keep going.

If his latest Instagram reel is any indication, Tangana has been busy doing just that.

“I haven’t had time to create a music video because I was living it,” he said.

Co-produced by Tangana with Alizzz and Victor Martinez, “Yate” delves into flamenco music from the ’70s, incorporating soulful, sophisticated arrangements from Spanish guitars and castanets fused with electronic beats.

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