Cabello & Hernandez’s 1432 to Get New Name on “The X Factor”

Camila Cabello and Ally Brooke Hernandez’s all-girl group are playing the name game with America.

During Thursday’s results show, which saw 1432 (formerly the LYLAS), sing for the save against Sister C, the girls’ mentor Simon Cowell announced the all-girl group would be getting a new name and he invited the public to help choose it.


“It was just crappy, the name. And I just couldn’t say it week after week,” Cowell said in a post show interview. “I think the public will get it right. It doesn’t have a natural flow to it. Emblem 3, Lyric 145, 1432 — just too many numbers.”

L.A. Reid was the first to announce his disapproval of the name during Wedneday night’s episode, which saw Cabello, Hernandez and their band mates tackle Taylor Swift’s “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.” He’d later talk about his own experience in helping pick the right name for his acts.

“I had an artist I worked with and her name was Alicia Moore. She was in a band named Choice, and I talked her into leaving the band to become a solo performer, but said she also needed a name,” he said. “She came in with the name Mr. Pink. We dropped the Mr. and she became just Pink.”

Cowell claims there was method to his madness when he chose 1432 to sing for the save against against Sister C, and this all played into his strategy to pick a more fitting moniker for the group.

“I was going to save 1432, and then I got a bit tactical because I’d heard them sing ‘Skyscraper‘ and I thought, ‘If the audience can hear this before next week, they are going to appreciate them as better singers,’ ” said Cowell. “The risk was they could’ve screwed it up, and we could have lost them. So it was kind of a risky thing to do, but I think it worked.”

Simon now says the girls have a higher public profile, which could lead to an even better name.

“Now they got to know them a bit better I think it will be a help,” he said.

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