Calle 13’s “Me Vieron Cruzar” to be Featured in Campanella’s Animated Film “Metegol”

Calle 13’s music is about to audiences even more animated than normal…

The Puerto Rican duo’s latest single “Me Vieron Cruzar” is featured in the animated film Metegol, which will be titled Foosbol in English markets.

Calle 13

Metegol is a new soccer-themed film by Argentine director Juan José Campanella. The filmmaker’s The Secret in Their Eyes won an Academy Award for Best Foreign Language film in 2010.

In “Metegol,” based on a story by Roberto Fontanarrosa, the tiny players on a foosball table come to life to battle a big game and help the movie’s underdog protagonist get a girl. The trailer reveals a quick-witted soccer-themed “Toy Story,” whose over-the-top Argentine characters will appeal to adults and kids. The movie premieres July 18 Argentina, with a release planned in the United States in the fall.

“Me Vieron Cruzar,” meantime, is a sweet song that sounds like the closest Calle 13 has come to a bona fide ballad, includes folkloric rhythms and chords from Argentina’s national anthem.

“We were able to create the spirit of being at the game, supporting your team… so that everything turns out all right,” rapper and vocalist René Pérez Joglar, also known as Residente, said in Spanish via a press release about the film.

“Like true champions, to win you have to be competitive, but being competitive is not the goal,” Péréz said, referring to his inspiration for the song in Metegol. “It’s about reaching the level that you’ve been striving for from the beginning.”

“Me Vieron Cruzar” will be included on Calle 13’s upcoming fifth album, set to be released in the fall, as well as on the movie soundtrack.

Calle 13 previously teamed with Campanella on a video for their track “La Vuelta al Mundo.”

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