Camila Cabello Shares Her New English & Spanish Skechers Commercials

Camila Cabello is Skech-ing out…

The 20-year-old Cuban and Mexican singer and former Fifth Harmony member has released the first English and Spanish commercials for her new campaign with Skechers.

Camila Cabello

Cabello promotes Skechers Hi-Lites in the dual language videos.

Beside bright colors in a flavorful Miami-like setting, the singer appears out and about with friends on the streets and practicing her choreography back stage, all while showing off her fun, shiny kicks.

In a statement, Cabello said, “It’s so important for me to pay homage to my Cuban/Mexican roots. My culture is such a huge part of who I am. While working on my solo album, I have been listening to Spanish and English musicians — pulling inspiration from influencers I grew up with. I grew up speaking Spanish around my house and listened to primarily Spanish music before discovering Michael Jackson and all of the artists I listen to today.”

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