Cardi B is Asking the Presidential Hopefuls to Address the Issue of Police Brutality

Cardi B is raising the question of police brutality to presidential hopefuls…

The 26-year-old half-Dominican American rap superstar, who has long taken an interest in American history and politics, has taken to Instagram to pose a hypothetical question, asking Democratic presidential candidates looking to run in the 2020 election what they would do when it comes to issues of police brutality in America.

Cardi B

“I would like to ask what are we going to do about police brutality,” the “I Like It” rapper wondered. “It seems like it keeps on happening every single day and they are getting away with it. Nobody is talking about it. I would like to see a change and know if our next president even cares because it seems our president now doesn’t.”

Cardi B called on her Bardi Gangto start thinking about the changes they want to see in their communities and drop their answers in the comments. 

The most-liked comments addressed hot-button topics like health care, college tuition, school safety, prison reform and the legalization of marijuana, just to name a few. 

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