Carey Releases Full Version of Her New Single “Triumphant (Get ‘Em)”

Newly appointed American Idol judge Mariah Carey is officially back in the music game…

Mariah Carey

The 42-year-old part-Venezuelan American songstress—who could experience a massive Jennifer Lopez-like comeback in the next year now that she’ll be sitting at the judges table on Fox’s singing competition series—has released the full version of her brand new single “Triumphant (Get ‘Em).”

The track, which features Rick Ross and Meek Mill, has Carey singing positive inspiration. “Can’t fall down, stay triumphant, keep on living/ Stay on your toes/ Get off the ropes/ Don’t let ’em ever count you out/ Realize all things are possible/ In your heart who’s the greatest/ Reach for the stars, be all that you are,” she sings in the chorus.

“Working with Ross and Meek on the same record was incredible,” said Carey on a conference call Thursday. “Obviously Ross is a star and everybody loves him. I’m a fan of his music. I really, really wanted to work with him.”

She continued singing praises for both Ross and Meek, “I love the tone of his voice. I think the contrast of his voice and mine would be something special. I always like to do collaborations that people might think are different. Meek adds an excitement, a newness to the record that is pretty rare right now.”

Brian Michael Cox, who co-wrote and co-produced the single along with Carey and Jermaine Dupri, told MTV, “This song is kind of inspirational. It’s close to her heart, and I think her fans are going to really, really be emotionally attached to this song.”

Cox adds, “I expect that this record’s going to be a huge record. I expect that this is going to be one of her bigger albums.”

“Triumphant” will be featured on Carey’s upcoming album, which is still untitled.

“I’m collaborating with a lot of my favorite people but the main thing is [that] I’m not trying to follow any particular trend,” said Carey about her highly anticipated new album. “I want it to be well received. I want to stay true to myself and the music that I love and make the fans happy.”

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