Carlos Contreras & Ernesto Contreras Team Up for Immigrant Drama “Crossing Borders”

Carlos Contreras and Ernesto Contreras are crossing borders….

The Latino filmmaking brothers have joined forces for the immigrant drama Crossing Borders for Latitude Media and Wink Pictures.

Carlos Contreras & Ernesto Contreras

Based on a true story, the film follows a 14-year-old immigrant who flees rape and abuse in her native Guatemala. While in Florida, she gives birth to a premature baby and is later wrongfully charged with the murder of the child. A young female lawyer takes on the case and fights for years against stereotypes, systemic racism and a corrupt system to bring vindication to the young woman. 

Ernesto will direct the film based on the script written by Carlos.

“What fascinates me about this story is seeing a person slowly discover the depth of her commitment to finding justice, to doing what is right,” said Carlos of the very timely story of immigrants and social justice. “She becomes a hero without ever setting out to be one, which to me is what a hero really is.”

Ernesto adds “I’ve always been attracted to stories centered around the differences and similarities in cultures – but in today’s world, issues of injustice cut across all cultures.”

Producer Daria Jovicic said that the story of a generous stranger helping an immigrant with no resources resonated with her. 

“When you come to America from another country, this is the image that you bring with you,” she said. “It’s inspiring to know that these stories do actually exist. And for years I’ve admired the exceptional films that Carlos and Ernesto have done together. For me, this is a dream project — and these two artists are our dream team.”

The collaboration marks a reunion for the duo. The pair worked on the critically acclaimed and award-winning films I Dream in Another Language (2017) and Blue Eyelids (2007).

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