Carlos Vives & Sebastian Yatra Join Voices for “Robarte Un Beso”

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30 Jul 2017 | Entertainment

Carlos Vives is stealing kisses… But he isn’t doing it alone…

The 55-year-old Colombian singer has joined voices with Sebastian Yatra to release the music video for “Robarte Un Beso,” in which they become accomplices of love.

Carlos Vives & Sebastian Yatra

The clip, by Venezuelan director Daniel Duran, presents four different types of loves stories, which are connected with one purpose: to serenade the significant other for a kiss.

“It’s a very nice song, it has a lot of what this new generation of musicians like Sebastian has,” Vives said in a press release.

And Yatra added, “‘Robarte Un Beso” is a song that we did inspired by love, regaining, falling in love, it’s never too late to tell that person we have next to us how much we love them.”

The song is Vives’ first single from his forthcoming album, Vives, to be released this fall.

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