Carrero Levels Up!

It’s game on for Aimee Carrero, who is taking her acting career up a level.

The 23-year-old Dominican-born actress recently starred in the Cartoon Network’s original movie Level Up, a live-action flick about four high school students who unwittingly open a portal from a video game into the real world.

Cartoon Network Level Up Aimee Carrero

As characters from the game and internet start leaking into the real world, Carrero’s character Angie and her friends must balance their everyday lives with the extraordinary things that start happening in their town.

Along with Carrero, who has previously appeared on Lincoln Heights, Level Up also stars Connor del Rio, Jessie T. Usher and Gaelan Connell.

But this isn’t the last you’ll see of the gamers…

The Level Up original movie, which aired on November 23, is the official kick-off to a half-hour series of the same name that picks up where the movie left off.

The Level Up television series is set to premiere next year.


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