Cassie Entertains “The Boys” in Nicki Minaj’s New Video

Cassie isn’t afraid to give the boys a show…

The 26-year-old part-Mexican R&B singer shares screen time with Nicki Minaj in the just released video for their collaboration “The Boys.”

Cassie in Minaj's The Boys Video

The clip, directed by Colin Tilley, opens with a close-up of a newspaper headline that reads, “Barber shop burns down after ‘freak’ flame thrower accident,” then cuts to Minaj casually crashing her pink car without batting an eyelash, implicating her as the culprit.

From there the clip showcases Minaj and Cassie in a series of gratuitous shots as they go through several costume changes, including very revealing swimsuits. Cassie’s transformation into a man, sporting a dark blue suit with cropped neon hair, stands out as a haute look.

“The Boys” is Minaj’s first single from Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded – The Re-Up, which will include tracks that appeared on Roman Reloaded plus a separate disc with new tunes.

“We still have singles to roll out on that album … for instance, ‘Va Va Voom’ was [just] added into rotation in the U.K., so I can’t treat it like my stepchild just yet,” Minaj told MTV News, explaining why she didn’t release a brand-new project. “But there’s new kids on the way, so I kind of wanted to be fair to the old songs and be fair to the new songs.

“It’s a different feel, so I knew I had to put it on a separate disc, the new songs, but it wasn’t an entire new thought and new body of work,” she added. “Because I like to give a lot of music, and so that’s why I didn’t want to do a whole new project. Because then I would feel like it would be judged as a brand-new thing, and then I would need to add way more songs.”

Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded – The Re-Up will be released on November 19.

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