Continental Media Acquires Novoa’s “God’s Slave” for Sales

Joel Novoa’s  latest project could make its way to theaters in the near future…

Continental Media has acquired the Venezuelan director’s film God’s Slave (Esclavo de Dios) for sales.

God's Slave

Inspired by true events, God’s Slave tells the story of Ahmed and David, two extremist characters, one Islamic and the other Jewish, who cross their paths while being in the opposite side of the conflict in the A.M.I.A bombings that took place in 1994 in Buenos Aires.

God’s Slave premieres next month at the Mar De Plata Film Festival.

The Venezuelan film stars Mohammed Alkhaldi, Daniela Alvarado and Devorah Lynne Dishington.

This is the first feature-length film for Novoa, who recently signed with Original Artists.

He’ll next direct ID2: Mad Mohammad.

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