del Castillo Lends Voice to Interactive Children’s Storybook App

Kate del Castillo has booked her latest project… And it could entertain children for hours on end.

Kate del Castillo

The 39-year-old Mexican actress and telenovela star has lent her voice to a tech-enhanced bilingual storybook app that’s based on a little-known children’s book dating back about a century.

Entitled Punky Dunk and The Gold Fish, the whimsical tale centers on the ultimate curious cat, Punky Dunk, with the book redesigned as an interactive early reader for the iPad.

Punky Dunk and the Gold Fish

Punky Dunk is a charming series of children’s tales. The artist Kat Llewellyn wanted to develop them in this unique electronic way. Her excitement and enthusiasm for telling children’s stories sold me on the project,” says actor Matthew Modine, who also lent his voice to the project. “The idea of turning these into interactive apps seemed like an exciting way to get children involved in reading, which was invaluable to me growing up.”

The storybook app was designed as part of the Punky Dunk Project, using lost literature to develop an imaginative and dynamic learning experience for young readers.

Punky Dunk App

In homage to the original book, the app has been carefully hand-drawn to reflect the illustrations and watercolors of the 1912 print edition.

To celebrate the book’s centennial, it features 101 interactive sounds and animations, expertly coded by Glow Interactive.

Punky Dunk and The Gold Fish is being released by Dumfun Productions, in association with Cinco Dedos Películas.

It’s available through the iTunes Store for iPad and the Amazon Appstore for the Kindle Fire.

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