Díaz Returning to “Weeds” For Three-Episode Arc

Guillermo Díaz is about to get into the weeds

The 37-year-old Cuban-American actor will be reprising his role as Guillermo Garcia Gómez in the final three episodes of Weeds, beginning with the Showtime series’ 100th episode, according to TVGuide.com.

Guillermo Diaz

“I love Guillermo,” says Weeds creator Jenji Kohan of Díaz, who forms part of the cast of ABC’s Scandal.Shonda [Rhimes] called me and was like, ‘You want my boy back?’ I’m like, ‘I love him!’ and she says, ‘I love him too!’ She was generous enough to let us have him for a little while.”

Díaz’s character was last seen being arrested outside the airport in Season 6 when he planned to kill Nancy (Mary-Louise-Parker). But his return to the series shouldn’t be as dramatic; Kohan says the rocky relationship between Guillermo and his favorite Blanca may have turned around.

“I just think Nancy and Guillermo have circled each other for so many years,” she says. “It’s time that they just accept the fact that they’re going to be in each other’s lives.”

“Nancy Botwin has this power over Guillermo that he, once again, doesn’t kill her when he pops up in front of her again,” Diaz adds. “They just go right back to how they were. We see that Guillermo ends up being a friend.”

Meanwhile, the 100th will see the series head back to its roots.

“The 100th episode is a return to Agrestic,” Kohan teased. “It’s a visit. It’s now Regrestic.” Kohan also said the 100th episode will address Nancy and Andy’s perpetual will-they-won’t-they tension.

As for the final episodes, Díaz’s Guillermo may not be the only fan-favorite character returning for a last hurrah. “Everyone who came back was important to me,” notes Kohan. “Those we couldn’t get back, it was a big disappointment.”

Weeds airs Sundays at 10:00 pm ET on Showtime.

The two-part series finale airs Sunday, Sept. 16.

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