Disney Releases Three Spanish Versions of “Let It Go” for Latin America & Spain

Long before winning the Oscar for Best Original Song, Frozen’s “Let It Go” had already managed to become a global smash.

The song, performed by Idina Menzel’s character Elsa in the Oscar-winning animated film, received a pop makeover for Frozen’s closing credits by Demi Lovato.


But that’s not all…

In all 41 international versions of the song were recorded for the movie’s distribution around the world, including three en español.

Disney tapped rising teen singers to perform “Let it Go” in Spanish for young audiences in Latin America and Spain, where Frozen is known as Una Aventura Congelada (Latin America) and El Reino del Hielo (Spain). The Latin American version is available in the U.S. as an import, although it is currently sold out on Amazon.

Here’s a look at the three Spanish versions:

Carmen Sarahí // The native of Nuevo Laredo, Mexico and past contestant on La Voz México had the honor of portraying Elsa in the version of the film for Latin American and U.S. Latino viewers. She sings “Let it Go,” here translated as “Libre Soy.”

Gisela // A Disney soundtrack veteran and well-known teen pop singer in Spain, Gisela interpreted “Let it Go” for the country’s Frozen soundtrack, where it’s translated as “¡Sueltalo!

Martina Stoessel // The Argentine teen star is known to audiences in South America for her title role in the Disney Channel series Violetta. Disney selected Stoessel to record her own version of “Libre Soy” on the soundtracks for both Latin America and Spain versions of the soundtrack, singing the song as the credits roll. She also sings the song on the Italian Frozen soundtrack.

So which is your favorite Spanish version of “Let It Go?”

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