Dorough & The Backstreet Boys Release New Single “Breathe”

Howie Dorough and his Backstreet Boys band mates are giving their fans plenty of reason to breathe

Less than a week before they release their eighth studio album, In a World Like This, the 39-year-old half-Puerto Rican singer and his band have released the new Backstreet Boys track “Breathe,” which was inspired by one of Ryan Gosling’s recent films.

Backstreet Boys

Dorough tells Billboard that “Breathe” was written in London along with producer/writer Martin Terefe, after the group started working on In A World Like This last summer.

“A.J. [McLean] was watching the movie Drive, and the music kind of has that dark, mysterious feel to it,” recalls Dorough. “He came to me, and I had just recently seen that movie, and I loved the idea. He started off with the melody for the chorus, and then I came to him and started putting feeling into the words… It’s a great song. It’s one of those songs that’s just a love song about that one person that you meet and you can’t breathe around them.”

The Backstreet Boys eighth studio album, In a World Like This, which doubles as their first album as a quintet since 2005’s Never Gone, will be released on July 30.

The Backstreet Boys will kick off a U.S. tour on August 2 in Chicago.

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