Edgardo y D’niel Campaign Against Child Obesity in Puerto Rico

They’re rising stars in Latin music… And, now Edgardo y D’niel want to use their growing popularity to campaign against child obesity.

Edgardo y D’niel

The Puerto Rican reggaeton duo will serve as spokesmen for the “A moverse” campaign, which aims to motivate children and teenagers to exercise more in an effort to combat juvenile obesity, which affects some 32 percent of the population on their native island.

Edgardo Y D’niel will visit more than 180 public schools in Puerto Rico to encourage students “to have a healthy life,” according to their publicists.

The “A moverse” campaign will be promoted by the president of the Senate Government Committee Carmelo Rios; physiologist Carlos Piña; and the secretaries of the Recreation and Sports and the Education departments, Henry Neumann and Edward Moreno, respectively.

Rios said in a statement that the campaign “is a good initiative where parents are becoming aware of the importance of a program of physical activity for their children.”

He emphasized that the program must tailor its efforts toward governmental agencies, non-profit organizations and private enterprise so that the issue of juvenile obesity becomes a top priority in Puerto Rico.

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