Espinoza Gives Heart-Wrenching “X Factor” Audition

Talk about saving the best for last…

In the final audition of Fox’s The X Factor on Wednesday night, Jessica Espinoza managed to get a tough-to-impress Simon Cowell to declare his love for her on national television.

Jessica Espinoza

“I didn’t like it… I loved it,” declared Cowell after Espinoza’s emotionally charged rendition of Pink’s “Nobody Knows.” “I love you. I love everything about you… Favorite audition of the day.”

Prior to taking the stage, the 22-year-old Mexican-American singer talked about her family’s hardships growing up on the south side of San Antonio.

“Growing up I didn’t have much, I’ve always done what I could with what I have,” admitted Espinoza in her pre-audition interview. “I know I look well-fed, but trust me: It’s a dollar menu.”

But Espinoza explained before her audition, “Everything that ever hurt me, made me happy, it comes out on stage.” And boy was that evident from the first note.

“Wow, you are really special,” professed judge L.A. Reid. “Really, really special.”

“You have a sparkle in your eye that you only see in people that have the X factor,” professed new judge Demi Lovato. “And, I really believe that you’re amazing.”

Following her rave reviews, Espinoza was visibly humbled.

“This is such a dream. You don’t know… Coming from such strong women and admirable men, thank you!”

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