Evaluna Montaner Releases Romantic Ballad “Uno Mas Uno”

Evaluna Montaner is feelin’ the love…

On the one-year anniversary of marriage with Camilo, the 23-year-old Venezuelan singer and actress — one of Billboard‘s Latin Artists to Watch in 2021 – has released her first single of the year, “Uno Mas Uno.”

Evaluna Montaner

She co-wrote the romantic ballad, which features an enchanting piano melody and Evaluna’s dulcet vocals, with Camilo and JP Saxe.

Cómo puede ser, que algo que no puedo tocar sea más real que lo que puedo tocar? Que algo que no puedo ver sea más real que lo que puedo ver?” say the nostalgic lyrics.

In the music video, Evaluna performs the heartfelt song at the beach with a lone piano and the sunset in the background.

Camilo makes a cameo at the end.

“I’m the most fortunate because I have you close, walking with me every step,” she expressed on Instagram of her husband and Latin pop star.

“Uno Más Uno” is part of Evaluna’s upcoming debut EP.

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