Garcia Bernal to Star in The Ardor with Alice Braga

Gael Garcia Bernal to the rescue…

The 33-year-old Mexican actor will star opposite I Am Legend’s Alice Braga in The Ardor, a modern-day Western set in the Amazon.

Gael Garcia Bernal

Directed by Argentine helmer Pablo Fendrik, centers on a lone Amazon shaman (Garcia Bernal) who stumbles across a tobacco farmer and his stunning daughter (Braga) in the jungle. When a roving band of deforesters attack the farm, killing the farmer and taking his daughter hostage, Garcia Bernal’s character decides to exact revenge.

The feature, Fendrik’s follow-up to Blood Appears, a highlight of Cannes Critics Week in 2008, is described as a tale of survival and revenge set in in the Amazon jungle.

Garcia Bernal, the star of the just released The Loneliest Planet, has been getting rave reviews for his latest film No.

The Brazilian bombshell Braga, meantime, will next appear opposite Kristen Stewart in On The Road.

The Ardor begins shooting in the Amazon in March for a planned fall 2013 release.


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