Garcia Takes On Tina Turner on Fox’s “The X Factor”

Following her impressive performance on The X Factor, Jennel Garcia shouldn’t lose one minute of sleep

During Wednesday night’s episode of Fox’s reality singing competition, which saw the Top 12 sing songs by the divas like Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston,  the 18-year-old half-Puerto Rican singer kicked off the show with a rousing rendition of Tina Turner’s “Proud Mary.”

Jennel Garcia

In her mentoring session, Garcia’s mentor, Demi Lovato, encouraged the “rock star next door” to perform “for the audience,” saying she wanted America to see Garcia could be one of the divas in the future.

“[You] started this thing out with a bang,” proclaimed judge L.A. Reid. “You just returned to the competition; that smoked!”

Britney Spears agreed.

“Tina would be proud,” declared Britney Spears after the show-stopping performance that saw Garcia, dressed in a white fringed top and leggings, working the entire stage. “You nailed it!”

Even Simon Cowell, who had been critical of Lovato’s mentoring of Garcia last week, acknowledged the singer’s return to form.

“You are back in the game; that’s what we wanted,” said Cowell. “You look better, you sound better, you were having more fun. Like a different person. I’m glad you listened to me.”

And Lovato beamed with pride at her protégé’s job well-done.

“I’m so unbelievely proud of you,” said Lovato. “What a way to kick off the night. You do look amazing and I think together we really nailed it.”

The other Latinas in the competition, Ally Brooke (Hernandez) and Camila Cabello – members of FifthHarmony, received rave review as well.

Dressed in all-angelic-white, the all-girl group performed a beautiful rendition of Mariah Carey’s “Hero,” one that had Cowell, their mentor and group-maker, grinning throughout the performance.

“There’s something really lovable about all of you,” said Reid. “You picked a really tough song, and I think you struggled in the beginning honestly. But somewhere in there it turned into a really great performance.”

Lovato agreed.

“I was really worried that I was going to be bored, but you guys, your voices just killed it,” raved Lovato.

Cowell, who created the group from singers who hadn’t advanced as soloists after the show’s audition period, urged people to cast their votes.

“Maybe this isn’t a one horse race. Maybe there’s a chance that five girls with brilliant voices could actually win this show,” said Cowell. “And I want America to pick up the phone to vote for you!”

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