Gente de Zona Release New Single “Poquito a Poco,” Featuring Zion & Lennox

Gente de Zonaare introducing alittlenew music to the world…

The Cuban reggaeton band, comprised of Alexander Delgado and Randy Malcom, have released a new single “Poquito a Poco,” featuring Zion & Lennox.

Gente de Zona

Gente de Zona, best known for hits such as “Bailando” and “La Gozadera,” spotlight their signature Cubaton sound and Z&L’s distinguishable voices on the single about a man who’s crazy about a girl who, they claim in the lyrics, slowly but surely knows how to do things the right way to please him. 

The playful music video, helm by Cuban directorPedro Vasquez, takes fans on a journey through “Gozalandia,” an amusement park with rides, music, and odd incidents. 

“[Gente de Zona’s] Randy had the idea of making it an animated video because they were traveling a lot and didn’t have time to film a video,” Vasquez tells Billboard. “The characters represent the iPhoneemojis, that’s why they have small bodies and big heads.”

Crazy things happen at “Gozalandia,” according to Vasquez, including a magical Ferris wheel that has the power of undressing other cartoons in the theme park, best describing the song produced by Motiff. “My team and I took the initiative of recreating ‘Poquito a Poco’ in a fun way,” he says.

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