Gerardo Ortiz Teams Up with Gente de Zona for New Mariachi-Reggaeton Track “Otra Botella”

Gerardo Ortiz is expanding his musical universe with an exciting collaboration…

The 30-year-old Mexican singer and Regional Mexican star has joined voices with Gente de Zona on the new single “Otra Botella.”

Gerardo Ortiz

On the new track, a mariachi tune comes on and Ortiz starts singing about heartbreak before a massive plot twist… Gente de Zona’s Alexander takes over the track that transforms into a reggaeton-pop track.

The song then continues to go from mariachi to rhythmic for the duration of the song, as the artists step out of their comfort zone in their first collaboration Gente de Zona and Ortiz.

“We had this song finished for our new album but then we found out that there could be a possibility of singing it with Gerardo, which is great cause we had been wanting to collaborate with someone from the regional Mexican genre,” Gente de Zona’s Randy tells Billboard. “It was an honor to work with him and he gave the song that touch we were looking for. We made a great team.” Alexander adds, “we had mariachi music on there but not like a live mariachi so when Gerardo came on, he decided to bring on a real mariachi because, he said, ‘a real Mexican is going to find out that we hadn’t used a real one.’ We thought the end result was spectacular.”

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