Gomez Breaks the 100-Million Follower Mark on Instagram

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28 Sep 2016 | Tecnología

Selena Gomez is the Instagram Queen…

The 24-year-old half-Mexican American singer/actress, who is currently taking a break from social media and the spotlight, is the first person to see their Instagram account break the 100-million follower mark.

Selena Gomez

Gomez’s fans, the Selenators, launched a campaign to push her over the top.

Even though Gomez hasn’t posted any new images since a pic from her now-canceled Revival Tour, the high tally puts her above such fellow Instagram queens as Taylor Swift (91.4 million), Beyonce (85.3 million), Ariana Grande (85 million) and Kim Kardashian (83.6 million).

Gomez canceled the remainder of her tour to deal with what she said was Lupus-related depression, which also spurred her current social media holiday. She was already the top Instagram celeb, but when Selenators saw she was near the 100 million mark they started the #SelenaBreakTheInternet hash to get her over the mark.

A spokesperson for Instagram confirmed that Gomez is the most-followed person on the social network.

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