Gomez-Gracia Dresses Maria Menounos at the Grammys

Patricia Gomez-Gracia is making a splash on the Grammys Awards red carpet once again…

One year after dressing Carrie Underwood for the 2012 Grammy Awards, the 30-something Spanish designer was at it again.

Maria Menounos in Gomez-Gracia Dress

This time, Gomez-Gracia, who was born in Madrid and raised in Miami, brightened up Extra host Maria Menounos’ look with a long-sleeved, yellow form-fitting dress with a thigh-high slit up the center front.

The contemporary evening dress, fittingly called the “Slits Dress,” is made  of viscose – jersey and featured a leather waist belt and leather Swarovski studded cuffs.

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