Hernandez & Cabello Fight For a Spot in “The X Factor” Top Four

They’re the last Latinas standing on The X Factor… And Ally Brooke Hernandez and Camila Cabello are fighting for their place in the Top Four.

During Wednesday’s live performances on Fox’s reality singing competition, Hernandez and Cabello’s all-girl group FifthHarmony performed two songs in their quest to garner enough of America’s votes to stay in the competition.


In the first round, the ladies performed Adele’s “Set Fire to the Rain,” as selected by their mentor Simon Cowell. The performance didn’t seem to impress the judges.

“I still didn’t hear any harmony. You should be named Fifth Unison,” said L.A. Reid, referring to his claim that the group doesn’t harmonize. Britney Spears agreed, saying she’s still “trying to figure out what separates you from the other girl groups.”

Meanwhile, Demi Lovato, hating on Cowell all season-long, said, “I feel like there’s a couple of you that should just be solo artists.”

For their second performance, in what was dubbed the Pepsi Challenge, the contestants were instructed by their Twitter fans on everything from staging, to hair, to wardrobe and song choice.

So what did America pick for Hernandez, Cabello and the girls to sing? Lovato’s hit single “Give Your Heart a Break,” her first No. 1 single on the Billboard charts.

The selection, which included the perfect pair of nerd glasses for Hernandez, allowed FifthHarmony to finish their night with a bullet. Not only did they demonstrate their ability to harmonize, they also showcased their awesome voices.

Reid seemed to be in shock with their performance, as he finally heard harmonies, while Spears declared “That was your very, very best performance,” said Spears “A friend of mine sings this song good, and so do you.”

Lovato thoroughly enjoyed hearing her own song, and said, “I think this song should have been your song. You sing it better than the original. It was energetic, fun. Simon did a good job this week.”

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