Hernandez Gets His Own mun2 Reality Show

It’s lights, camera, and action for Larry Hernandez

The Mexican-American singer will expose television viewers to his daily goings-on on Larrymania, a 10-episode reality show that will begin airing on Sunday, October 7 on mun2.

Larry Hernandez

“I’m going to expose my edgy feelings, I’m going to present my children, my mother, my girlfriend in filming we’re doing in five U.S. cities, and also in Sinaloa (Mexico) where I went to visit the cemetery where my grandparents rest in peace,” the singer told Efe.

Hernandez, who was born in Los Angeles but moved to Sinaloa at age 4, knows the reality show brings with it some serious personal risks.

“It was hard for me to decide to do a show about my private life, because that means making known what I love most, which is my family, including to criminal groups like those who kidnapped my brother in 2004 in Phoenix and tried to kidnap me in 2006,” Hernandez said.

But Hernandez – who sings narcocorridos, ballads about the lives and often-violent deaths of drug traffickers – Believes the inconveniences of the project will be a positive experience for him and his family.

“I decided to participate fully in the production because … my two children’s friends don’t believe them that their dad is the singer who’s on television and so they’ll be part of the reality (show) in which I do what I always do, which is take care of them, play with them and tell them that I want them to do well in school,” he emphasized.

In addition to composing songs and corridos, the talented singer-songwriter also plays the accordion and drums.

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