Horror Film About the Legendary ‘La Llorona’ to Be Filmed This Spring

She’s already inspired an episode of NBC’s Grimm… And now the notorious La Llorona could be heading to the big screen.

BoulderLight is bringing to life a modern take on the legend of La Llorona (The Weeping Woman), which is widespread in North and South America, in a film called Weep.

La Llorona

While plot details are being kept hush-hush, the production company has confirmed that Blood List scribes T.J. Cimfel and David White are penning the screenplay.

Legend has it that a beautiful woman named Maria drowned her children in order to be with the man that she loved, but he spurned her. So the distraught woman drowned herself in a river in Mexico City. Challenged at the gates of heaven as to the whereabouts of her children, the woman isn’t allowed to enter the afterlife until she’s found them. Forced to wander the Earth for all eternity, searching in vain for her drowned children, with her constant weeping giving her the name La Llorona.

In some versions, La Llorona will kidnap wandering children who resemble her deceased kids, or children who disobey their parents. People who claim to have seen her say she appears at night or in the late evenings from rivers or lakes in Mexico. She’s said to cry, “Ay, mis hijos!” which is Spanish for, “Oh, my children!”

“We’re incredibly excited to be bringing this terrifying and rich legend to North American audiences, said the film’s producer J.D. Lifshitz. “David and TJ have helped cook up something truly scary and original, and we hope to thrill fans of the legend as well as garner new ones.

“It’s no big secret that the Hispanic community makes up a substantial portion of moviegoers,” says producer Raphael Margules. “We couldn’t be more enthusiastic about bringing one of the most well-known characters in Hispanic folklore to life on the big screen in a way that both honors ‘La Llorona’ and frightens audiences to their core.

No word on a cast yet, but production on Weep is scheduled to begin this Spring.

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