Huertas to Release First Full-Length Album “Grown & Sexy Music”

Jon Huertas has plenty to sing about it… 

The Puerto Rican actor, who currently stars on ABC’s Castle, is releasing his first full-length album, Grown & Sexy Music, on June 11.

Jon Huertas

Co-produced with Christian Davis, the album is what Huertas calls “urban pop,” with dance and R&B/pop tracks.

Ledge of Love,” the first single off the 11-track album, was released in November and is based on the relationship between the characters of Richard Castle and Kate Beckett on Huertas’ ABC series, which recently celebrated its 100th episode.

The second single, “Champion,” will be released Tuesday.

“I’m constantly looking for inspiration and fresh ideas for my music,” said Huertas in a release. “I worked with an incredible team of people and I feel like we got it right with this album. It’s awesome that my fans finally get to see the hard work.”

A five-track EP, Sex Tape, is currently available on Huertas’ official website.

The full track listing below:

1. Champion

2. Video

3. Ledge of Love

4. Dance in the Dark

5. Silhouette Sexy

6. Wonder Girl

7. Bartender

8. Girlfriends

9. Like Bollywood

10. Knock Off

11. Closer to Love

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