Iglesias Releases Sweet & Steamy “Finally Found You” Video

Enrique Iglesias is reuniting with his long lost love… And he’s letting you in on their oh-so-steamy meeting.

Enrique Iglesias

The 36-year-old Spanish singer has released the official music video for his latest single “Finally Found You.”

The clip for the dancetastic track starts off with Iglesias waxin’ nostalgic about his childhood sweetheart as images of a young Iglesias lookalike and his tween dream pop up on screen.

Enrique Iglesias

It then flashes back and forth between images of present day Iglesias driving to a club, where he finally finds her and reconnects with her in a steamy make-out session at the happenin’ hot spot, before continuing the extra curricular activities back in the bedroom.

The music video features an appearance by rapper and producer Sammy Adams, who spews rhymes on the track.

“Finally Found You” is the first single off of Iglesias’ upcoming tenth studio album Reloaded.


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