Jacqie Rivera Releases Version of Her Mother’s Classic Love Song “Que Ganas De No Verte Nunca Mas”

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9 Jun 2018 | Entertainment

Jacqie Rivera is paying tribute to her late mother…

The 29-year-old Mexican-American singer, the star of Universo‘s reality show The Riveras, has released a version of a classic love song that her late mother, Jenni Rivera, also recorded, and her version went on to become a fan favorite with millions of views.

Jacqie Rivera

The new rendition of “Que Ganas De No Verte Nunca Mas” was posted to Jacqie’s YouTube channel this week and online followers have voiced their supportive opinions.

“In some parts of the song you remind me of your mom,” one commenter posted. “Take that talent that you have in your veins and launch your singing career.”

In another post a follower said, “I like the way she sings and she has mad swagg… lets not forget she gets it from her mama!”

Jacqie’s version of the romantic ballad, which was written by Spanish composer Manuel Alejandroin the 1980s, comes more than five years after the matriarch died in a plane crash while working in Mexico.

During an exclusive Billboard interview before the start of current season of The Riveras, Jacqie spoke about the possibility of venturing into a career as a recording artist and recalled some of the life lessons she learned from her mother.

“I’ve always liked to sing, but I didn’t want that life,” Rivera said. “I’m not worried about sales or winning awards. I don’t want to have deadlines and feel the pressure, but I think I have something to say.”

Instead of rushing to record music, Rivera has decided to take her time as she releases music online and at her own pace. Additionally, taking vocal lessons has also been key, she said, adding that she has long enjoyed singing genres beyond regional Mexican, including alternative, country, gospel and Christian music.

The finale of The Riveras airs on Sunday and as the Rivera siblings reflect on major life transformations this season, Jacqie’s story has also unfolded in many ways, including the announcement that she and her husband decided to end their relationship.

As she considers expanding her musical aspirations, Rivera has learned a few things about the business thanks to her American-born mother who became one of the most celebrated recording artists in regional Mexican music in the U.S. and Mexico.

“From watching and observing my mom I’ve learned to never do anything that isn’t you,” Rivera said. “Have thick skin, a tender heart and just be yourself.”

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