Juanes Starring in Docuseries on YouTube’s 123UnoDosTres Channel

Here’s your chance to learn more about international superstar Juanes

The 39-year-old Colombian singer-songwriter is helping kickoff YouTube’s new bilingual channel, 123UnoDosTres, by starring in a documentary series that tracks his private life, his concerts and impromptu performances in some unlikely places.

Juanes MTV Unplugged

123UnoDosTres, which targets Latino youth in the United States, officially premiered on Friday with the “docuseries” featuring the Colombian artist called “123: PDV (Point of View) Juanes.”

“The rock superstar with a host of platinum records to his credit, and who also helps organize major humanitarian projects, invites us to explore with him the things that inspire his creativity, the people who influence it and, most importantly, his fans: hundreds of thousands of followers who accompany him wherever he goes,” the channel said in a statement.

The documentary will follow Juanes to places where cameras rarely have access: behind the scenes, at home, and in those inviting hideaways where he goes before every show.

Throughout the series Juanes will also sing his songs “at secret, spontaneous shows, in local bars, in the streets and at the homes of fans and friends.”

The YouTube platform will also offer fans the chance to interact with Juanes through weekly questions and answers, with comments on his videos and an exclusive live meeting via GoogleHangout.

The series, which was filmed during the creative process and launch activities surrounding his new disc tr3s Presents: Juanes MTV Unplugged, which debuted at No.1 on Billboard’s Top Latin Albums chart and in another 18 countries.

123UnoDosTres is a channel designed to attract young Hispanics in the United States, and the channel has already racked up 1.7 million visits.

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