Karamo Brown & His ‘Queer Eye’ Castmates Get Animated in Lizzo’s Pride-worthy “Soulmate” Lyric Video

Karamo Brown’s getting the neon treatment…

The 39-year-old Afro-Cuban American reality television star and his fellow Queer Eye members appear in Lizzo’s new lyric video for her self-love anthem “Soulmate.”

Karamo Brown

Lizzo dressed up her Cuz I Love You track from last year with a rainbow-colored animated visual for Pride Month.

Brown, who began his career on MTV’s The Real World: Philadelphia as the reality show’s first openly gay black man, is animated in neon in the colorful lyric video, while wearing his signature baseball cap.

Bobby Berk officiated Lizzo’s wedding to herself, which plays out on the screen when she sings, “I get flowers every Sunday/ I’mma marry me one day.”

The icing on top of the cake was Jonathan Van Ness and Lizzo shaking their hips and thigh-high boots in unison as their super fabulous hair waved in the air (and even swung in the air when JVN used his luscious locks as an actual swing.) But the iconic hairdresser used his cameo to prove an important point about Pride.

“Remeber, Pride started as an uprising against POLICE BRUTALITY. Did you know that ‘cross dressing’ was a jail-able offense and was often used to harass & detain trans and gender non conforming people??” the Queer Eyestar, who identifies as non-binary, captioned his Instagram clip of the lyric video. “All the way up through the early 70’s in the United States.”

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