Longoria Ready to Hit the Campaign Trail as Obama’s National Co-Chair

Eva Longoria is taking her role as a national co-chair on President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign seriously…

“As soon as the show wraps, I’m going on the campaign trail and going to the swing states,” the Desperate Housewives star told The Hollywood Reporter at a pre-Oscar bash, which she co-hosted with Vanity Fair. “Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico, and I’m probably going to Florida as well.”

The 36-year-old Mexican-American actress, a loyal Obama supporter who hosted a special Latino fundraiser for the president in Los Angeles last year, says she’s planning to focus her campaigning efforts on influencing two key groups that hold close ties to her heart.

“Just really messaging to not only to the Latino community, but the female community,” she explained.

Obama may have won the Latino vote in 2008, but in recent years some activists have been disappointed in the president’s indecision on the issue of comprehensive immigration reform. And, other one-time Obama-supporters have also started to think differently about their choice.

“I always find that really odd,” said Longoria. “Because he’s really made some bold promises and he’s kept them.” The actress went on to explain promises she believes the president has kept, including healthcare and “holding Wall Street accountable for their contributions to the economy.”

“There are so many things that he has delivered on that I find people overlook,” she continued. “And I think the rhetoric against him is so sharp from the primaries, that it’s dangerous for people to buy into the misinformation that’s out there.”

So what’s Longoria’s message to undecided voters?

“I think people really just have to educate themselves on what he has done, what he is still doing and what he is going to do.”

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