Lopez-Gallego to Direct the Horror Film “Sanctuary”

Gonzalo Lopez-Gallego has found his sanctuary

The 40-year-old Spanish filmmaker is set to direct the horror thriller Sanctuary.

Gonzalo Lopez-Gallego

Produced by Atlas Independent and written by Ryne Douglas Pearson,  the horror pic follows three documentarians who travel to South America to investigate a town that mysteriously disappears from the map.

The trio is led to the ultimate enigma: an immense concrete structure located in the middle of the missing town, with no entrances or exits. H

This is the latest tie-up between Atlas Independent and Lopez-Gallego, who is best known for helming the 2011 sci-fi thriller and horror film Apollo 18.

Lopez-Gallego worked with Atlas on the 2012 horror suspense film Open Grave starring Sharlto Copley and The Man On Carrion Road, which was announced at last year’s Cannes Film Festival and begins production in April.

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