Lopez Named One of Forbes’ Most Powerful Musicians in the World

Jennifer Lopez isn’t only the most powerful Hispanic celebrity on the planet… She’s also one of the most influential musicians.

The 43-year-old Puerto Rican singer/actress and former American Idol judge has been named to Forbes magazine’s Most Powerful Musicians in the World list.

Jennifer Lopez

Based on earnings, social media presence and press mentions, Lopez ranks at No. 7 on the list, behind the likes of Lady Gaga, Beyonce and Madonna.

The “Live It Up” singer, the only Hispanic artist to make the list this year, earned a whopping $52 million in 2012.

That total includes Lopez’s lucrative world tour, which grossed her over $1 million per night.

Here’s a look at the world’s most powerful musicians:

1. Lady GaGa
2. Beyonce Knowles
3. Madonna
4. Taylor Swift
5. Bon Jovi
6. Justin Bieber
7. Jennifer Lopez
8. Rihanna
9. Coldplay
10. Katy Perry

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