Lopez Saves Adele & The Grammys from Stage Crasher

Maybe it was her superhero-costume-like dress… But, Jennifer Lopez proved to be a fearless hero at this year’s Grammy Awards

The 43-year-old Puerto Rican singer/actress saved Adele (and the live show) from an awkward encounter with Grammys crasher Vitalii Seduik, a Ukranian TV personality who planted two kisses on Will Smith on the red carpet of Men in Black III’s Moscow premiere and gifted Madonna hydrangeas as a press event.

Jennifer Lopez & Grammys Crasher

Seduik managed to walk the Grammys red carpet on Sunday night, enter the venue and take a seat in the second row. But that’s not all, when Adele’s name was called as the winner in the Best Solo Pop Performance category, Seduik walked onto the stage and started giving an acceptance speech before the British songstress had even reached the mic.

Luckily, la Lopez wasn’t having any of it… She not only glared at him, but shooed him away with a simple flick of the thumb.

Seduik reportedly spent a night in jail after being detained by event security backstage, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

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